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🟧Achievements - what is it? How does it work?


  • Select the Achievements that the booster will perform your any tasks. (Run over 70km, Travel 70km Jetboard, Swim over 70km, Climb over 70km, Glide over 70km, Astra (12 Elites), Banges (13 Elites), Navia (14 Elites), Crown (16 Elites), Warren (17 Elites), Gather 100 Carrion Snails, Gather 100 Electric Eels, Gather 100 Hermit Crabs, Get drowned 50 times, Catch 1000 rabbits.)
  • When the booster reaches Achievements, your order will be completed.
  • All loot stays on your account.
  • We work 24/7 using several boosters.


🟧Completion Time:


  • ETA: 2-6 hours

Tower of Fantasy - Achievements

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