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Can my account be banned for doing this? Is this legal?

  • It's not legal (forbidden by bdo rules) we provide service since 2017 have 0 bans in 6 years.

  • Devs don't care about the account-share method till you don't use any exploits or bugs.


How can I be sure you won't spoil or steal my account?

  • We provide a private live-stream on YouTube where you can check progress.

  • We have worked for 6 years and have 100% positive feedback on epicnpc and our website.


How it works? How do you deliver the silver and exp?

  • We use an account-share method for Steam and Pearl Abyss.

  • This means we need to login into your account.


What to do after placing a purchase?

  • After purchase add us in Discord: OnTimeBoost#4312 and send # order, where we talk through order details.


What about the 2FA, OTP, Steam Guard?

  • Every time a booster logs into your account, codes will be needed.

  • We will also need codes if we change boosters or if there is a disconnect.


Can I pause the order and login on my account?

  • Yes, you can login anytime you need, just inform us in skype or discord.

  • After you log off we continue to work.


How soon do you start working after purchase?

  • After you provide account information the booster will start in 15-30 minutes.

  • Orders may be in the queue, recommend contacting the operator and checking out the start time as well as placing an order to be added to the queue.

  • The operator will send you a notification if all boosters are busy. The order will be paused and we will continue as soon as someone is free.

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