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🟧Requirements and Completion Time:

  • Package 1-100 -  Requments: 30 level,  x3 TIER 3 bags - ETA: 5-7 hours 


  • Package 100-200 - Requments: 30 level, x3 TIER 3 bags - ETA: 14-16 hours 

🟧Gathering Skills Package - what is it? How it works?

  • The service provided only with  account-share method. This means we need to login into your account. After purchase add us in Skype or Discord and send # order, where we talk through order details.


  • When the booster reaches the required level, your order will be completed.We work 24/7 using several boosters.


  • All gold, resources, and equipment obtained during the boost will be stay on your character.


  • If you playing throught steam account we need an email code or an authenticator to confirm login to your account. ( We recommend disabling steam guard, because need code every time, if booster disconnected or we'll switch boosters, this may affect to completion time for your order.)


  • We can provide screenshots or stream on the work done. The stream is not always possible, since the game is too demanding on the parameters of the PC.

Gathering Skills Package 1-200

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