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World tier 3-4 unlocked​. ( Unlock here )

  • Self Play - You will follow the booster and collect all loot, when inventory is full, we will go back to town for sale. You can sell your loot, also the booster will drop all his loot on the ground and you can also collect and sell them. On average, in 1hr you will receive around 15 mils, if you sell everything, as well as free EXP.

  • Account Share - Method looks like a Self Play, but two boosters will work for your account, one booster will grind mobs in the dungeon, another booster will collect all loot.

    ⏰How soon do you start working after purchase?⏰
    ✔️After purchase the booster will start in 15-30 minutes.
    ​✔️Orders may be in the queue, recommend contacting the operator and checking out the start time as well as placing an order to be added to the queue.
    ✔️The operator will send you a notification if all boosters are busy. The order will be paused and we will continue as soon as someone is free.


​This is not a trade method through F2F.

We care about the safety of your account, so we only offer an Hourly Gold.

Diablo IV Softcore - Hourly Gold

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