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Hourly Silver Boost


Hourly Silver

$5 = 1 Hour

Completion Time : 1 Hour

10% Discount Code:


Hourly Silver - what is it? How it work?

You choose how much hours and grind spot. We work 24/7 using several boosters. You can pay for the trial hour and see result. You pay for the result, not for time.

For example: Booster does 5000 trash items per hour on you character After ordering 5 hours we will get you 25000 trash items even if takes more time. We not counting pvp and repair time but we do count travel time and character preparation. Please prepare your character before ordering.

In addition to Silver per hour, you will also get a stable Exp.

Exp and Silver amount depends from your class, level, AP/DP inventory slot, weight, RNG and grind spot.

Read F.A.Q.

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Choose grind spot for your       character

Addition options    (use buff, feed        workers, etc)

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